Jewel of the Aegean, land of mastic are some of the names that give to Chios, which is the fifth largest island of Greece with a permanent population of 53000 inhabitants. Archaeological findings prove that the island is inhabited since 6000 BC. It is considered the homeland of the greatest Greek poet, Homer. In antiquity, it was famous for its powerful navy, a large shopping center, but also a center of sculpture and pottery. It continues to exist during Roman times, it is rebuilt during the Byzantine period with the founding of the Castle and the Nea Moni until it was occupied in the 14th century by the Genoese. After two centuries of Genoese domination, the Ottomans took over until 1912 when Chios was united with the rest of the country.

With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, it is a destination that can be visited in all seasons and see countless sights such as the medieval ‘mastichoria’, the museum of Mastic, caves, the archaeological sites, Kambos with the genoese palaces in orchards with citrus trees, Chios Town with neoclassical buildings, museums such as Archaeological, Byzantine and Nautical, as well as the Korai Library. In the center of the island to see the Unesco-listed cultural heritage Nea Moni with its mosaics and the medieval Anavatos, in the northeastern direction the settlements of Vrontados, Lagada and Kardamyla with great naval tradition in the north-western part Volissos with its castle as well as tasting local wine famous since antiquity.

During the year one can walk to dozens of marked paths that either connect villages or cross mountain ridges and canyons and enjoy Chian nature, see the tulips and wild orchids in the spring, experience the rocket war during the Easter period, live moments of distraction and laughter in the Chian carnival of Mostra of Thymiana or relax in one of the 90 beaches with crystal clear waters during the summer. Finally, from Chios, Psara island is connected with its glorious history during the Greek Revolution and the picturesque Inousses island with its rich naval tradition.

Chios is connected daily with Athens (by air and sea), with Lesvos (daily by boat and twice a week by plane in the summer), Thessaloniki (by air), with Kavala (twice a week by boat), Samos (twice a week by boat) and the Dodecanese (by boat once a week).